They say that Melbourne has four seasons in one day, well not on the day we decided to head out and explore, and of course take some photos.

As luck would have it, the day before we set out it was awesome. A bright blue sky with the sun shining, it felt like spring, not a cold winters day. But of course the next day, when we had organised a model to take some photos of, scouted locations for the shoot and had everything else sorted out, mother nature provides us with a wet and miserable day. And it seems that every day since has been perfect weather also. Not to worry though, being long-time Melbournians, we were all pretty used to it.

The crappy consistent rain actually made for some quite cool photos (as you can see) with the umbrella just adding a touch of flare to what can otherwise be seen as a stock standard photoshoot. The rain also provided some laughs with the wet and slippery ground causing a few slips and falls (unfortunately we didn’t capture those funny moments for you), which just lightened up the mood exponentially.

All in all it was a really fun day spent adventuring some cool little parts of East Melbourne and the hills area. From the cool bridge that Puffing Billy chugs over to the small lakes of the Alfred Nicholas Gardens. Any day that you can get out into the fresh air and wander around is a pretty darn good day if you ask us.

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