DESIGN A BOARD Competition

DESIGN A BOARD Competition

The Competition

As lovers of skateboarding, plus designing and creating art, we here at DAF Apparel thought we would open up the doors to the public and give you all the chance to have your artwork printed on the bottom of a skate deck.

The winning design will be printed in a small run of skateboard decks and put up for sale to the public.


We all want to know what the prize is going to be … that’s one of the big reasons we enter competitions.
Well, here you go!

The major prize is:
• Your artwork printed on the bottom of a limited run of skateboard decks
• One free deck with your artwork
• A DAF Apparel T-shirt*
• A DAF Apparel Beanie or Cap of choice*

All entrants:
• 20% off skateboard decks with the winning design
• 20% off all DAF Apparel goods

*Major prize winners DAF Apparel garments will be subject to size and colour availability. Final choice can be left up to the discretion of DAF Apparel.

How to Enter

Entries are open to anyone, any age, any gender. So long as you have some way of drawing, colouring, painting, using Photoshop or Illustrator or even Microsoft Paint … if you can create it, you can enter. And it’s really simple…

Just download the template files (Adobe Illustrator EPS or JPEG) from this link > Skateboard Templates and then get to work. If you need to print out the template, go right ahead. Each person can enter up to two designs… but it’s more important to focus on one really good design and submit that.

To submit your design(s), simply email your final version to with the Subject Line “Design A Board” and tell us your name, where you’re from, what exactly your design is, why you chose that for your design or what inspired you and how you found out about the contest, the boom…. you’re entered!

If you’ve painted or hand drawn your design, you can either take a photo or scan of it and send that in. If you’re a Photoshop or Illustrator whizz, then go ahead and supply your high resolution files.


*All designs entered will remain the property of the entrant. Copyright of winning design will be signed over to DAF Apparel and can be used at anytime, not exclusively for this skateboard design.

Rules & Guidelines

Although we don’t have any particular theme, we do however have some parameters that need to be met … and some guidelines to keep this a family friendly competition. So here they are.

All submissions are to:
• Be of a PG rating or similar. No swear words or vulgar imagery. (special characters in place of letters MAY be accepted).
• Incorporate the words DAF Apparel somewhere within it.
• Only 2 designs maximum per person
• Be original artwork only – all entrants must agree that their artwork is original*.
• Be in before 11:59pm on Sunday 24th of June. Any late submissions will not be accepted.


*Before final production commences of printed deck, a waiver form will be sent to winner to sign and confirm that artwork is their own and that any breech of copyright is the responsibility of the entrant.

Contest is open to anyone, however only Australian residents will be considered for winners due to our shipping limits.

DAF Apparel reserves to right to adjust or alter the artwork if deemed it enhances the overall look and feel of the brand.



After a long time, we finally built up the courage to step out, order some hoodies and start making sales. It’s been exciting, nerve racking but so good, specially when we get to go out and take photos like these.